Click-Type Versus Beam-Type Torque Wrenches

A torque wrench for the automotive sector has to be in your toolbox, whether you’re working on wheels or tightening nuts. But when you have so many tools at your disposal, it might be difficult to choose the best one when you need it most. Because of this, most mechanics appear perplexed while choosing between a beam-type torque wrench and a click torque wrench.

Both instruments exhibit remarkable accuracy and durability and are as well-liked. However, click-type torque wrenches are always the better option because of their precision and dependability. If you’re searching for a torque wrench tool at an affordable price, beam torque wrenches are also a great option!

A comparison of the two would be very beneficial to you to help you make your decision a little bit simpler. Therefore, after reading this, choose wisely!

Click Type Torque Wrenches

Since click-type torque wrenches are the most widely used form of torque wrench in modern automobile repair shops, most people associate the terms “click wrench” and ” torque wrench” with them. Because they offer tactile and aural feedback (the click) and don’t need a visual reference to tell when the proper fastening torque is attained, they are often the easiest to operate. The fact that click-type wrenches often offer more torque range possibilities than beam-type wrenches is an additional advantage.

Click-type torque wrenches have a few drawbacks that are worth highlighting, despite their many advantages over beam-type wrenches. You must turn the handle of the wrench to the appropriate torque value to establish the

required torque. You have to stop when the torque number you desire is shown and turn the handle in a clockwise direction to raise the torque value on most wrenches. Since the letters are usually rather small and might be difficult to see when covered with oil, this could become an issue. This is a minor inconvenience as long as you maintain your wrench clean.

The most crucial factor to keep in mind is that, because of the intricacy of the design, a click-type torque wrench might be significantly more expensive than a beam type.

Working Principle

A preset torque value is used by click-type torque wrenches. It has a clutch mechanism and an audible click to indicate when the torque level is reached. The torque value needed for your car may be specified. A clicking sound will indicate when the predetermined value has been reached. Furthermore, compared to the beam-type torque wrench, the drive click-type torque wrench has greater torque alternatives and is considered a professional torque wrench.

An additional excellent choice for precisely and securely tightening nuts, bolts, and lug nuts is a ¾-dr needle-type torque wrench. They can be torqued to 150 ft-lbs. Being a precise tool, this needle torque wrench doesn’t need to be maintained regularly.

Advantages Of Using Click Torque Wrench

The click-type torque wrench is the most often used instrument and offers several advantages to users.

  • Different sizes, such as ½”, ¼,” and 3/8”, are offered for these wrenches.
  • Torque wrenches with a click feature are more trustworthy.
  • A torque range of 20 to 150 ft-lbs is offered.

Drawbacks Of Using Click Torque Wrench

 The click-type torque wrench has several benefits, but it also has certain disadvantages.

  • Click-style torque wrenches may be expensive.
  • These wrenches would be difficult for you to read.

Popular Click Type Torque Wrenches

  • Pittsburgh pro click type torque wrench (1 2 in drive click type torque wrench)
  • snap on click type torque wrench

Beam Type Torque Wrenches

Beam type torque wrenches are less expensive than click-type torque wrenches for a given torque range because of their relatively basic design, which also happens to be the reason for their pricing. A beam-type torque wrench might be a helpful addition to your toolbox if you can see the torque scale while using the wrench (maybe while building that new engine you’ve been dreaming of) and you have stable hands.

The beam-type torque wrench’s restricted availability in higher torque levels is one possible drawback. Another problem is that you don’t get tactile feedback as you would with a click-type wrench, so you have to be able to see the scale while you tighten your fastener, which may be challenging in an engine bay with little light or room. Additionally, as compared to click-type wrenches, beam type wrenches tend to be less exact and consequently less trustworthy when it comes to over-tightening or under-tightening because they require the user to visually observe the torque number to determine when to stop torquing. Without a positive stop signal like a click-type wrench, you risk exerting more torque than necessary and causing permanent damage to the assembly if you can’t tell where you are.

Working Principle

A beam torque wrench is a basic instrument that measures torque using a beam. The revolving handle makes these ½ beam torque wrenches simple to operate. Extreme precision may be achieved at the top of the beam-designed wrench by applying pressure. The handle will apply a preset torque pressure at the extreme point, just like the lever does if it is held appropriately.

To show the amount of torque exerted, it spins in opposition to the visible scale. A beam-type torque wrench helps you stay aware even in a noisy garage by sending out indications when the appropriate torque is reached. For common applications, beam-type torque wrench inch pounds are a great option.

There is no higher torque value available with a beam-style torque wrench, which is an outdated type of torque wrench. It is less dependable than sophisticated torque wrenches because of this.

Advantages Of Using Beam Torque Wrench

Because of its longevity, beam-type torque wrenches are a widely used instrument.

  • In comparison, beam torque wrenches are reasonably priced. Precision instruments split beam torque wrench.
  • It is very accurate and simple to use—even non-experts may use it well.

Drawbacks Of Using Beam Torque Wrench

Although the beam torque wrench is generally a decent option, there are a few drawbacks, such as:

  • Compared to other common torque wrenches, it is a little heavier.
  • Beam torque wrenches are less dependable than other torque wrenches since you have to manually configure the readings, which may not always be accurate.

Popular Beam Torque Wrenches

  • Split beam torque wrench 1/ 2
  • 3 /8 split beam torque wrench
  • Inch-pound beam torque wrench
  • Tekton split beam torque wrench
  • 1/4 split beam torque wrench (1 /4 beam torque wrench)
  • cdi split beam torque wrench
  • icon split beam torque wrench
  • snap on split beam torque wrench
  • park tool beam torque wrench
  • 3/8 beam torque wrench


Finally, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each before selecting between a beam and a click torque wrench. It will clarify your decision. Although it is a little more expensive, the click-style torque wrench is packed with functions. The beam-style torque wrench, on the other hand, is less expensive but less precise and dependable overall.







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